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Congratulations to the Best Dog Groomers in the San Mateo Area. The Best of San Mateo Contest allows the public to vote for their favorite businesses in a nomination and then voting round in over 120 categories.

In 2024, 22,685 votes were cast by 11,959 unique voters. The program goal is to support our local businesses and encourage shopping locally by recognizing the best businesses, services and places in the San Mateo area. There is no cost for businesses to participate.

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Dog Grooming Services in San Mateo

In the San Mateo Area, dog groomers typically provide a range of services to keep dogs clean, healthy, and looking their best.

Bathing: They bathe dogs using appropriate shampoos and conditioners suitable for their fur type and skin condition.

Brushing and Detangling: Groomers brush and comb out mats and tangles, which can be especially important for long-haired breeds.

Haircuts: Depending on the owner’s preference and the breed of the dog, groomers may give haircuts, trims, or stylized cuts.

Nail Trimming: Trimming a dog’s nails is essential for their comfort and health, as overly long nails can cause pain and difficulty walking.

Ear Cleaning: Groomers clean a dog’s ears to prevent infections and remove excess wax or debris.

Teeth Cleaning: Some groomers offer teeth cleaning services or may provide recommendations for at-home dental care.

Gland Expression: They may also offer anal gland expression services to prevent discomfort or infection.

Styling: For certain breeds, groomers may offer styling services, such as adding bows or bandanas.

Flea and Tick Treatments: They might provide flea and tick baths or recommend appropriate preventive measures.

Consultation: Groomers may offer advice on grooming routines, diet, and general care to help owners maintain their dog’s health and appearance between grooming sessions.

These are just some of the services you might find at a dog grooming salon in San Mateo. The specific services offered can vary depending on the groomer’s expertise and the facilities available. Please reach out to the winners and top 5 dog groomers voted by the community as the best in the San Mateo area!